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Call for Papers!

We are looking for guest journalists to contribute to our blog!

Submissions should feature original writing that is written to help empower readers that don’t like reading! Pick a subject or story that only you can tell, the way you tell it! Make sure it’s engaging, easy to read, and delivers ideas and strategies that anyone can use today to better their lives! If you can include references to books from us, that’s even better.

Essays should be no more than two pages long, or 2000 words. Your article should have a clear title, subtitle, and headings for any sections or lists you include. You can submit up to three essays for consideration. Please add a brief bio telling us about how to find you and do business with you.

If we republish your essay on our blog, you’ll receive full credit and a $20 gift certificate at our site. If we republish your essay in a book. you’ll receive an additional $40 via Paypal or Cashapp, as well as a free copy of the book when it is released in any format.

Here’s a list of titles and topics we’d like innovative content on:

  • The Original Language: Essays on Black English, Indigenous Communication, and the Unspoken Word
  • The Science of Creation: Essays of Metaphysics, Alchemy and Divine Technology
  • Drums and Hot Sauce: The Secret Unity of the Global Black Diaspora
  • Africa and the Discovery of America: Studies on the Historical Evidence
  • 95 Ways to Get Paid Without a 9–5: The Hustler’s Guide to Making Money Independently
  • A Sucker Born Every Minute: The Ultimate Guide to Schemes, Scams, and Schmucks
  • Revolutionary Love: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Relationships
  • The Black Woman is the Earth: The Earth is the Black Woman
  • Modern Natural Hair: The Urban CEO’s Guide to Indigenous Hair Care
  • Melanin Rich Skin: The Urban CEO’s Guide to Indigenous Skin Care
  • From Nothing to Everything: The Hustler’s Guide to Becoming an Urban CEO
  • Melanated Body: The Urban CEO’s Guide to Personal Training and Fitness
  • Even Without the Village: Successful Parenting Against All Odds
  • When It Hits the Fan: Survival and Emergency Preparedness for Urban Families
  • Go Grow Food: Feeding Your Family with Urban Gardening
  • Against All Odds: Mastering Emotional Survival Skills
  • So Many Tears: Beating Depression in the Urban Community
  • Call of Duty: Making the Most of Your Military Enlistment
  • Our Culture is I-God: The Living Culture of Allah’s Five Percent
  • Law for the Streets: Practical Solutions for Common Problems
  • Our Best Schools: Supreme Education for Black and Indigenous Children
  • United Bengal: Essays on the Past and Future

Saw a title you liked? Feel like you’ve got something we need? Send it in!
We’d like you to publish your essays to your own blog and then email us the links. Those submissions will be the first reviewed, but we understand everyone’s not ready to start a blog, so you can simply email us your documents as well. Send all submissions as attachments to a single email, or paste them within the body of the email if you’re able to preserve formatting. Please note which book you have in mind when you submit in the body of the email, and please include “CALL FOR PAPERS” in your subject heading. You’ll get a reply within 48 hours to confirm receipt, and to let you know what to expect next! If you don’t get a reply, feel free to email us to follow up!

All submissions should be sent to writing@modernmelanin.com

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