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An Introduction to S.O.I.L.

SOIL – A New Kind of School!

An Independent School teaching: 

Ancestral Traditions
Indigenous Values
Natural Science
The Science of Self
Culinary Arts
Yoga and Martial Arts
Community Improvement
Elder Care and Respect

This is what we teach at SOIL, the School of Indigenous Learning – a new experience in education being introduced to Atlanta’s west side by veteran educator Dr. Sujan Dass

Based on two decades of international research, this school teaches its students how to write, produce, and publish their own work, run a small business, and how to grow and prepare their own food – all within a year! How? This is a nontraditional school – teaching the world’s oldest traditions! With LOVE!

Opening in September 2021, SOIL will begin by serving its first middle school students. Our class sizes will be small, and we will scale to serve elementary and secondary students over the next two years. We will share many of our lessons and activities online via www.ourbestschools.com 

School days are from 8 to 3, with an afterschool art program from 3 to 6. Vegan meals are included. Students go on field trips and nature walks weekly, and parents are invited to come! We also work with a great network of guest teachers and artists. We don’t expect parents to pay extra for any of this, but welcome any contributions and volunteers. 

Everything we do is covered by tuition. Tuition is offered on a sliding scale, but spaces are limited! As this is a dynamic new approach to school, we’re starting our pilot year with a small cohort of students and parents. We’re launching in a beautiful space called The Mosaic Museum (www.themosaicmuseum.com) until our student body grows in future years.

Ready for your child(ren) to begin their future? We will begin accepting new student applications soon, both for our first school site in Atlanta as well as our online programs which can be accessed from anywhere! To find out more about our programs and how to enroll your child, visit www.ourbestschools.com 

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