The Healing Power of Fruits

The following list is a sampling of the health benefits of
fruits. Some of them might really surprise you.
Apples: There’s a reason they say that an apple a day
keeps the doctor away. Apples contain a variety of
essential nutrients and vitamins that may help protect the
body from certain illnesses, including the common cold.
Apple juice may also help improve brain function, protect
the heart, and inhibit various types of cancer.
Apricots: Contains plenty of fiber, vitamin C, iron,
boron, silica, and potassium. Which means it helps your
heart, fights fatigue, prevents infection, improves your
skin, hair, and nails, regulates your blood pressure, and
keeps your digestion moving smoothly, all in only about
16 calories. Apricots, rich in beta carotene, can also
cleanse your system of nicotine leftovers. This is one case
where fresh is not the best. Dried apricots have three
times the amount of fiber and vitamins.
Avocadoes*: Avocadoes are known to prevent birth
defects, lower cholesterol, benefit arteries, dilate blood
vessels, and lower blood pressure. Yes, they’re high in fat,
but half of it is heart-healthy monounsaturated oleic acid.
One of the richest source of glutathione, a powerful
antioxidant, shown to block thirty different carcinogens
and to block proliferation of the aids virus in test tube
experiments. And they’re a good source of vitamin E.
Bananas: High in fiber and contain lots of vitamin C, B6,
and folate as well as the minerals potassium and magnesium. The nutrients found in bananas help fight cancer,
heart disease and a long list of other ailments. Banana
peels make excellent fertilizer, but also contain a compound that may shift the immune balance of your skin to
help relieve warts. People have claimed to heal warts by
pressing the inside of a peel against their skin. Why not?
Blackberries: Interferes with the metalloproteinases that
contribute to skin wrinkling. Also acts as an antibiotic by
blocking the attaching of bacteria that cause urinary tract
infections. Contains chemicals that curb diarrhea. Also
has antiviral activity and high in natural aspirin.
Blueberries: Blueberries help prevent and treat bladder
infections by making it hard for bacteria to stick to urinary
tract walls.
Cantaloupes: One cup of cantaloupe provides about
103.2% of the daily value for beta carotene. Because of its
high vitamin C, it also fights infection, and stimulates
white blood cells. Its folate content is very important in
the production of new cells, especially during pregnancy.
Green and yellow (cantaloupe and honeydew) have
anticoagulant blood-thinning activity.
Cherries: A good source of perillyl alcohol, which helps
prevent cancer. Heart-protective anthocyanins give
cherries their color.
Cranberries: May treat urinary tract infections and
bladder infections.
Eggplants*: Contains a host of vitamins, minerals, and
phytonutrients. An anthocyanin phytonutrient found in
eggplant skin called nasunin is a potent antioxidant and
free radical scavenger that has been shown to protect cell
membranes from damage.
Elderberries: May speed the recovery from type A and B
Figs: Helps to prevent cancer. Both extract of figs and
the fig compound, benzaidehyde, have helped shrink
tumors in humans. Also laxative, anti-ulcer, antibacterial
and antiparasitic powers.
Grapes: Contains many antioxidant and anticancer
compounds. Red grapes (not the white or green grapes)
are high in antioxidant quercetin, and are antibacterial and
antiviral. Grape seed oil also raises good type HDL
cholesterol. Purple grapes (especially the skins) and juice
offer three heart-guarding compounds: flavonoids,
anthocyanins and resveratrol. (Green grapes are not rich
in them)
Kiwis: Kiwi consumption has been linked to a decrease in
respiratory-related health problems among children,
including asthma. Enjoying just two kiwifruit daily may
significantly lower your risk for blood clots and reduce the
amount of fats (triglycerides) in your blood, therefore
helping to protect cardiovascular health. Kiwis also
contains more vitamin C than oranges.

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