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Black God: The Music Video (Ft. Shiva)

Ever since I got back from India, I’ve been determined to write more and share the journey. For starters, the music is epic. And by epic, I mean literally, like gods and demons and love affairs between the undead. I’ll tell you about how much of that I was walked into in a later post! For now, here’s a video or two that come from that crazy part of the world that birthed my ancestors.

And here’s another.

Of course, none of this compares to the most awesome film I’ve ever seen with an Indian in it. And this includes those awful Harold and Kumar movies and anything with Aziz Ansari in it. It’s a film called Baahubali, and I learned about it watching Part 2 on a bus to Orissa in southern India. It struck me as epic, like a story of the Gods. Then I realized it was. Baahubali is the story of Shiva, a story that predates anything European in India. And both parts are on the Internet. Just watch it. You won’t regret it. It’s got everything Indian films are known for, from crazy fight scenes to the singing numbers to the moral drama meant to teach us all some important lessons about ourselves. And plenty of explosions. How could you not love this?

If you’ve read the story of Shiva, one of the legendary gods described in my last book Black God, you’ll be familiar with some of this amazing story. If you like Part 2, watch Part 1, and then watch Part 2 again. Indigenous storytelling is cyclical, not linear, and this film pulls out the whole repertoire of indigenous Indian culture from ancient times to right before the white folks showed up…so you can watch em in any order. They slipped a ton of symbolism and myth into this film, so its deep if you deep. If not, its still a fun ass movie to watch! Let me know what you think!

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